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Meet InstaApply, your AI co-pilot for job searching, which assists you in securing 5x more interviews through automation.

15000+ Job Applications Submitted

Auto-apply to jobs
⚡️ 400 job apps / day
✏️ AI Form Filling
🤖 AI Post Scraping

Get started in 3 simple steps


Activate Extension

To use the InstaApply Chrome Extension, purchase and install it from Access your LinkedIn account in Chrome, open the extension, and enter the activation code received via email.


AI Analyze Profile

InstaApply uses AI to analyze your LinkedIn profile. This analysis ensures that the tool can efficiently utilize your information to automatically fill forms on job applications, saving you valuable time and effort.


Apply to Jobs

Simply search for your desired job title on LinkedIn and apply filters, including the 'Easy Apply' option and any other preferences - enabling you to submit applications seamlessly.

Ready to transform your job search?

InstaApply ensures you never waste another moment on tedious job applications, letting you prioritize what truly counts in your job search journey

AI Job Apps

One click AI automated
Job Applications

Land that dream job faster! One-click Easy Apply automation streamlines the application process, making job applications a breeze.

Apply to 150-400 jobs/day

Optimize job search with ease

AI Auto fill forms ✨

Minimal effort

Maximize search efficiency

Time saving

Scrape Data

Customisable data

Tailor your search. Customize your scraping goals, defining criteria that match your unique preferences and save to database.

Expedite the research process with automated data extraction.

Build a database of potential employers for a focused job search.

Obtain comprehensive insights for targeted networking efforts.

Custom Messages

Message Drafting and

Craft compelling messages directly within the extension and send InMail with a simple '/' command - making communication seamless.

Gives you an advantage finding unique job opportunties

Cut down repetetive copy and pasting withslash commands

You can rely on InstaApply

Highly recommend

Beta tester here but wanted to share it's a great app and has already helped me apply to 100s of jobs in my first week.

Jacob Turner

Get More Done in Less Time

InstaApply transformed my job search game! The AI Easy Apply feature saved me countless hours, allowing me to apply to multiple jobs effortlessly.

Zoey Martinet


I am loving what your team is doing, and I look forward to seeing the extension evolve! You could say I'm an early adopter!

Jeremy Wood

Career game-changer

I was skeptical at first, but InstaApply has exceeded all of my expectations. I'm now able to automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most.

Francis Mullins

Flexible pricing

Unlock your full potential with our flexible and affordable pricing plans. Supercharge your job hunting!

Basic License

one time payment

Discover the essentials with our Basic License. Perfect for those starting their job hunt journey.

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150 Job Applications / Day

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Message Template

Integrated Messaging

3 Device Limit

Premium License

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Unleash the full potential with our Premium License. Tailored for the job hunt warrior.

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400 Job Applications / Day

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Easy Apply Automation

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