Guide : How to use InstaApply

Extension Activation

  • Download the InstaApply Chrome Extension:
    • Purchase the extension at and install theChrome extension.

      Visit LinkedIn using Chrome and then open the extension by clicking on the InstaApply icon in your browser toolbar. It will auto open the first time you install it.

Auto Apply to Easy Apply Jobs on LinkedIn

  • Analyze Profile:
    • Within InstaApply, choose the 'Easy Apply' option and then click the 'Analyze Profile' button. Don't exit until a confirmation notification is received.
  • Work Preferences:
    • Fill out all the fields in the 'Work Preferences' section, this allows our AI to select relevant jobs and fill out the forms on your behalf.
  • Access Easy Apply Jobs:
    • Navigate to the 'Jobs' section on LinkedIn and apply the filter for Easy Apply jobs.
  • Enable Auto EasyApply:
    • Click the “Start” button to activate the easy apply job automation to streamline your application process for Easy Apply jobs.
  • Monitor Progress:
    • As the process initiates, you'll observe a progress bar displaying the count of applied jobs. Upgrade to a premium plan to boost the number of daily job applications available to you.

Slash Command Messaging

Effortless Outreach

The extension features a convenient template creation function for messages on LinkedIn. By utilizing the '/outreach' command in the LinkedIn messages, you can easily send pre-designed messages, with the command automatically replacing placeholders like names based on the recipient. This streamlines the communication process and enhances efficiency in connecting with LinkedIn contacts.

To use it all you need to do is type '/outreach' followed by the template name. For example, for a template called 'web developer', you can type '/outreach web developer' and it copies the template to the clipboard in less than a second with the details like the recipients name.

To make your own template all you need to remember is adding the '{name} tag which lets the bot know where the add the user's name.

Scraping Job Posts for Job Openings or Recruitment

  • Navigate to LinkedIn:
    • Open your LinkedIn account in the Chrome browser.
    • Open the Extension: Click on the InstaApply extension icon in your browser toolbar.
  • Select 'Post Scraping' Mode:
    • Choose the 'Post Scraping' option to gather insights on job openings and recruitment posts.
  • Set Your Scraping Goals:
    • Define your custom scraping goals to tailor the information to your preferences, for example: 'remote front-end jobs' or 'Startup companies'.
  • Initiate Scraping:
    • Click the 'Scrape' button to start the automated data extraction process.
  • View Results:
    • Once completed, review the results within the extension by navigating to the database section and clicking on the 'View database' button or download the data for further analysis on apps like excel or google sheets.