InstaApply V1 Updates 🚀

For Reddit Users : We no longer support 100% automation on LinkedIn, this is to abide by their internal policies. However, we have modified our existing application to still be incredibly useful, enabling you to breeze through job applications with high quality. But hang tight, because we will re-introduce fully automated job applications for several supported websites soon!

We have a bunch of new changes to announce as well as some important news regarding our LinkedIn automation. Stay tuned 📺!

✨ AI Form Filling

AI Form Filling on InstaApply enables fleshing out job applications in seconds without compromising on quality. Our AI crafts answers to perfectly fit each job by analyzing the job description, your work history, work preferences, and profile info.

In a nutshell, InstaApply can now fill out personal details, answer complex questions, upload your resume, and write winning cover letters in a matter of seconds. All of this requires just one click, and our extension does the rest!

♻️ Revise Your Answers

InstaApply intelligently fills out all fields on supported job applications, even questions such as "why join our company," "what's your most interesting project," etc. But we understand you may want to modify these answers.

This is why we've introduced a 'Revise' menu that allows you to make quick changes to the answers. Is the answer too long? You can shorten it. Too formal? Make it more casual. Not to your liking? Click 'Improve' to get a more suitable version. There are many more options like this! Give it a spin and let us know what you think 🙌

📝 AI Cover Letters

InstaApply takes the job description and your work history into consideration when drafting cover letters, resulting in a highly relevant output, tailored to each job! We have trained our AI on several high-quality cover letters that follow the Harvard Guide for job applications; enabling InstaApply to generate impressive cover letters to catch the attention of recruiters.

📑 Generate Unique Resumes with InstaApply

Most resumes today are analyzed by an 'Applicant Tracking System' (ATS) which expects specific keywords. This is why research shows that tailoring your resume to each job can greatly improve your chances of getting an interview.

This is the reason we have introduced the 'AI Resume Generator' in the InstaApply Chrome Extension; creating resumes with relevant keywords to rank high within the ATS system.

How it works: All you have to do is click 'Generate Tailored Resume,' preview the generated resume, and click 'Upload,' and our extension takes care of the rest. With the click of a button, InstaApply will generate and upload your resume, without having to leave your tab!

You also have the option of saving and re-using the generated resumes with a dropdown.

🧑‍💻 UI Updates + Privacy Updates

At InstaApply, we thrive on making the experience as simple as possible and reducing clutter. Behold, the new minimalist UI for InstaApply. It allows you to do important things like start/stop the auto-filling and upload or choose a specific resume.

Everything else is neatly tucked away in a settings page. Most importantly, all of your personal data lives in the browser and is never stored in our database, providing the ultimate privacy for all your private information.

Supported Job Boards

We have several supported job boards, and we're constantly adding several more every week. Currently, we support Greenhouse, Workable, Workday, JobVite, JobLever, Indeed, and LinkedIn (easy apply).

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading ❤️

We look forward to continuing to serve awesome updates 🙌